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Academy of Art University - San Francisco Campus Advertising / Marketing Area of Study
Studio Production for Advertising & Design - Associate of Arts

The Studio Production for Advertising & Design program prepares Production Artists for a career in a creative field by focusing on techniques for formatting advertising concepts and content for both print and digital output. Studio Production students at Academy of Art University benefit from the extremely specialized program, as emphasis is placed on preparing creative communications to meet print and digital design specifications. Production Artists also generate agency credential and new business documents that require working knowledge of the tools, software, and skills that are available to add visual flair to a presentation. Graduates of the Studio Production program will be fully trained to understand the Studio Production process and environment, use the main software and editing tools of a working Production Artist, create agency presentations, interact with printing reps, and perform any necessary retouching and resizing.

For more information on this program including: how to apply; curriculum; program duration; tuition, fees and other costs; entry level jobs and salaries in your area of study; alumni success and other important information please request more info directly from the school today.
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