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Academy of Art University - San Francisco Campus Art Area of Study
Art Teaching - Credential

Academy of Art University offers a one-year Art Teaching Credential program accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). Our credential program was developed from the ground up to comply with rigorous California standards in performance-based teacher education and the latest developments in education theory and practice. Our Art Teaching Credential program is designed specifically for the art graduate who seeks the fulfillment of guiding others in the exploration of their own creativity and personal artistic development. The program goes beyond "art for kids" in preparing tomorrow's art instructors to teach both children and adults.

During this one-year course of study, Teacher Candidates will take coursework while performing their fieldwork assignments in observing and teaching art to pupils in local Bay Area public schools.

For more information on this program including: how to apply; curriculum; program duration; tuition, fees and other costs; entry level jobs and salaries in your area of study; alumni success and other important information please request more info directly from the school today.
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