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TriOS College - Oshawa
Oshawa, ON

Welcome to triOS College - Oshawa campus - the first step towards your career success. We are committed to your future and have been training graduates for over 22 years. We provide you with a hands-on approach to learning. Half day classes mean you can work and study. We offer diploma programs in high demand areas such as: business, technology, healthcare, law, and supply chain.

Programs start monthly, not just once a year

triOS College - Oshawa campus has a track record you can count on – we’ve turned thousands of students into successful graduates. With over 22 years under our belts, it’s no wonder we’re the college of choice for many people training for a new career. Proudly Canadian owned and operated, triOS is one of Canada’s largest career training organizations.

Preparing You for the Future

We’re committed to helping you make the transition from successful student to successful graduate. We focus on the technical skills required for the job so that you can enter a new career with confidence. Beyond that, we also train you with the professional communication and soft skills needed to ensure long-term success in whatever industry you decide to call home.

Lifetime Career Support

We’re always here to help you, and that’s no bull. Right out of the gate you’ll be introduced to our Career Services team who will help you identify your goals and get you ready for your future outside of our walls. Our Employment Specialists offer assistance in securing internships and employment. Feeling a little rusty? No need to worry – we offer resume writing guidance and job interview training. When we say we’re here to help you today and tomorrow, we mean it.

Modern Learning Experience

We’re committed to your future. To that end, we’re always working to update our curriculum and training materials so that you’re equipped with industry-standard knowledge the moment you walk out of our doors. There aren’t layers of bureaucracy and red-tape at triOS College – when the industry pivots, so do we. We’ve also broken the mold on training - gone are the days of semestered systems that leave you with weeks and months between courses. At triOS, our programs are built on a modular system. What does that mean for you? It means studying one course at a time so you can focus. It means half-day classes so you can maximize your training and still keep your normal life. It means that your instructors are industry veterans who teach you with a hands-on, practical approach.
It means success.

TriOS College - Oshawa
200 John Street West • Oshawa, ON • L1J 2B4

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